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Doraemon fans


Visitors to Roppongi Hills in Tokyo look at models of Doraemon, a popular Japanese animation character, on display as part of a summer event, on Wednesday.

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Cute. Fun for kids and other fans alike.

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Doraemon is very, very popular in Italy, since the 80s. Currently, it's also more popular than Pokemon, thanks to the fact it is on air for many hours on Boing tv, one of the main Italian channel for kids. I always liked Doraemon's stories. :)

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My son's "old friend"...

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Jolly-looking! Yes, Doraemon is very popular especially among children. Needless to say, my sons liked and loved Doraemon when they were still little kids.

Speaking of Roppongi, until about 15 years ago, I used to go there every weekend to hit the booze. But now I haven't been there in ages.

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Took my kid there last week, great spot for a photo op!

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I want one !

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It's fun for the adults too. I took some pictures there myself.

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what a fun time they must have had! I wish we over in the states had a similar event. Be Happy.

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