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Actress Kyoko Fukada poses with Sapporo Beer Co President Hideya Takashima to promote its new white beer brand Premium Yebisu Hanamiyabi. The beer, which comes in 350 ml and 500 ml cans, has a 5.5% alcohol content and goes on sale On March 7. Fukada will be appearing in the ad campaign.

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Besides the package what's different about it?

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Yebisu always one of my go to beers in Japan. If this is still about when I visit I will definitely give it a go.

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Always amazed how new products coming out, or TV events, are considered news. Such "news" are just free ad for private companies, unbelievable. And to promote alcohol in such a way where there are a million or so of alcohol addicted persons and a whole lot of diseases / deaths related to them is quite frankly as stupid as it gets for a country. In other countries, everything is done to prevent alcohol ads to be shown to children or to feature famous people, but here there are shown at the best possible time using the best possible media (and JapanToday i no exception).

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Looks like it's worth giving a shot.

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Beer has been around since the time of the Egyptians. It's a wonderful beverage just like anything else over indulgence leads to problems. Cheers!

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Gogogo, normally a white beer is a filtered wheat beer (Weizenbier in German) that isn't clear (like a pilsner) but tends to be whiteish in appearance. In Belgium and the Netherlands it is an unfiltered (still containing (active) yeast) wheat beer that is actually white in appearance. The is a Cafe Hoegaarden in Tokyo (though it was closed last time I was in Tokyo), they have a least the latter kinds of beers (which are my favorite), if you love beer try to get hold of Hoegaarden or Dentergems.

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Premium Yebisu Hanamibi

You forgot your YA in Hanamiyabi

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Thank you. It has now been corrected.

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I'm a light drinker. As soon as it gets light, I start to drink.

Where can I buy that YUUUUGE can of beer?

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My favorite beer of all time .Unfortunately I cannot buy my favorite Yebisu Beer in New Zealand anymore. If any person from Sapporo Beer read this, please make all your products available in NEW ZEALAND. Cheers and Regards

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