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Toyota Motor Corp President Akio Toyoda poses with the company's racing team's drivers during a photo session after a news conference on their motor sports activities, in Tokyo on Thursday. Toyota announced that its community-based motor sports activities through Lexus Racing and Toyota Racing - aimed at bringing more joy to more people through automobiles - will continue in various locations around the world in 2014.

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Very popular series down in NZ, attracting international drivers looking for single seater experience.

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nothing like racing a sports car, i have a wrx track car which ive raced at Okayama/Central/Suzuka. while its nothing compared to these cars its still good cheap fun. as long as you have a good roll cage, helmet, suit, gloves it a safe sport. nothing like doing 210-220kph down the main straight at Suzuka then hard on the brakes for the first right hander. it definately gets your blood pumping!

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Go visit one of Tokyo's simulators like Tokyo Virtual Circuit

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Now I understand the philosophy of Toyota, it is not entirely about the male ego, it is about any ego that work the best.

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From the smaller picture, I thought this was Psy and everyone in the back was going to go Gangnam style

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What a poser!

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still too slow to join the big boys of F1 again? if I remember right,the V10 LFA was slower than the V6 McLaren!

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Looks very young to be the President of such a major corporation in Japan. But then again, his last name is Toyoda !

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still too slow to join the big boys of F1 again?

Yeah they want accessible racing to a wider range of competitors based on ability and not dollars, a-la F1

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they want accessible racing to a wider range of competitors based on ability and not dollars, a-la F1

then why did Toyota make a big deal about the LFA a not many years ago...this "accessible " thing looks like a complete U-turn of their strategy..Toyota should stick to doing what they are good at,promoting the green image and building mini-vans for family trips..

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They didn't make a red cent on the LFA project, even though they were sold at 45m yen each. The main purpose of the project was to further their developments and know-how in the racing division. They pioneered the carbon weaving machine and the V10 was co-developed by Yamaha. To this day, I've never heard an engine like it (and I'm a self-confessed car nerd). It sends shivers down your spine!

My guess is that they'll use the combined knowledge from the AE86 & LFA to develop the new FT 1 (which will most likely be the new Supra).

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Kurobune, 57 years old is "so young"? He is an interesting guy, and he loves racing. He learned racing from one of the top test pilots of Toyota and got a pilot license himself and he participated in several races

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Go Morizou! Hiromu Naruse would be proud. It's sad that now that he's the President of the company, means he can't drive the 24 hours of Nurburgring anymore. Good luck at LeMans and Nur.

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