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Nice car! This electric car doesn't make accident but other regular cars may cause hit to this car.

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I haven't understood why the govts don't force self-driving vehicles to only engage on controlled access freeways until they solve all the issues. That's where the most good can happen with the least risks. Long drives between cities. Especially for trucks. If the vehicle gets confused about anything, it should pull off the road and stop with 20 seconds.

During the holidays, we'll drive 7 hrs to visit family in opposite directions. NE and SW. Most of those drives are on divided highways and boring. Within 20 miles of a city, I'd happily manually drive.

Self driving is mostly hard due to stupid humans doing unplanned things that the vehicles cannot handle. As long as humans are in control of vehicles on the same roadways (next 100 yrs) and humans are walking near roadways, then 100% self-driving won't be safe. There are just 100 many unknowns.

BTW, I'm very familiar with vehicles that maintained their own control. Wrote real-time software for that purpose for 5 yrs. Flight control software for aircraft and space craft are trivial compared to vehicles on a road. Highway only self-driving would be an early, relatively easy, win. Let's take that ASAP. In-town self-driving will be 20 more years before it is safe around humans.

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How will it drive on 20mph? There will be queue at the back or some nuts will overtake which will become dangerous with honking noise. Can it make emergency stop?

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Can't wait for real self-driving cars. So much better to just relax and sleep while the car drives you to your destination. However, the technology is far from good enough. So many variables on roads with pedestrians, cyclists, other cars, traffic signals, yields, etc, etc make it extremely difficult. The safety features of cars with sensors to avoid accidents that they have implemented of late are good, but still not fool-proof.

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There should be a lane for self driving cars so one can really relax. And can overtake if necessary and go back into self driving car lane. Would be nice.

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Navya, written on the vehicle shown in photo, is a French company.

Article contains no mention of what has market to propose, and possible features of those self-driven boxes.

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In one documentary, it was pointed out that the biggest problem is how a computer can predict, for example, whether a pedestrian is standing at a crossing because he is waiting for someone or will cross the road. According to the developer, autonomous cars will not be on the roads for at least another ten years.

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Bad idea, but probably drives better than a lot of the oldsters on the road.

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Are these self driven or remotely controlled?

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Japan highways are small as and narrow,it can easily accommodate self driving vehicle,in the US highways are large ,some have up to 10 lanes,in Houston the have the Beltway 8,it 8 mile wide and 10 ft in Circumference,that loop the city of Houston,not made for Autonomous vehicle Google Beltway 8 Houston

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Japan should try and get the cars with drivers to drive properly first. That itself is still a long, long way away.

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Just another car. A dangerous fast moving metal box.

It is actually a small bus

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