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Duterte visits emperor


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Duterte replied that the two countries have overcome their past to build cooperative ties, and expressed his gratitude for Japan's continued assistance in the postwar period

SK and China could learn something from this commendable comment. It shows that those in SK and China unable to move on are doing so solely for political purposes, which doesn’t make them good neighbors

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May the dust of respectability, civility, peace and nobility be upon him.

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Very nice, good for both countries. South Korea and China have much to learn about moving on to build a better world.

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D30 welcome to Tokyo

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Something is very wrong here. In this photo, the emperor is having a chat with a man who has: 1) claimed to have shot a man dead to teach the police how to do it, 2) said that he has committed murder at least once by pushing someone out of a helicopter, 3) joked about rape, 4) said he would kill his own children if he were to find that they had used illegal drugs, and 5) caused thousands of people - some no doubt innocent - to die in a brutal but futile drug war. This is about as bad as having the POTUS meet the emperor. Oh...that's coming next.

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Allowing him in the presence of the Emperor does not seem to be a good PR move for the Imperial Household. He could have at least tightened his necktie.

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Duterte's great clodhoppers (boots) don't look too smart.

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Well said!

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I hope they wiped their shoes before entering the room. That looks like a lovely carpet.

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@BakabonPapa Agreed, this guy is about as bad as presidents go, but nobody seems to care much about that anymore.

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I want a room like that in my home!

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