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Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau wave upon their arrival at Haneda Airport in Tokyo on Monday afternoon. Trudeau is in Japan to attend the G7 summit that begins in Ise-Shima, Mie Prefecture, on Thursday.

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Early because he wants to escape criticism at home after his handling of the massive wildfires.

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too early, summit or summer vacation?!

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Sorry Mary, in no way was Trudeau have either jurisdiction nor responsibility to Alberta. That would be the Premier of Alberta. Osaka Doug is correct.

The provinces in Canada have jurisdiction on most matters and the Federal government offers a supporting role if it is overwhelmed. It would work in concert with local authorities and not in a controlling capacity

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I think it's better to come Japan early and prepare for summit because they can learn Japan style by seeing everything in Japan and afford to stay there.

We Japanese must enhance our security nearby them and around there as well.

I hope their safety during their staying.

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Justin Trudeau is a great PM. He is a HELL of a lot better than the jerk that was there before him. Canadians should be proud to have a young and inspiring PM like him.

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Watch out, Justin might look lightweight, but he almost sent a NDP deptuee to the hospital last week. Don't get fooled by his pretty face and his smile. Lot of people came out last few days to talk about how he truly is. If the summit doesn't go in his way, he might start a fight.

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why become an issue to arrive early? every one deserves a vacation.

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You are so off. Read more about what actually happened. The NDP were physically trying to obstruct democracy by not allowing a Conservative member to move. The PM went over to escort him, despite being from his opponent party. The NDP members refused to move. One of them got accidentally elbowed. The NDP leader just laughed at the childish antics his party pulled off. Trudeau was doing the right thing. I encourage you to find more information online about what happened before jumping to conclusions.

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@Alec Savard

What incredible fiction. Even John Oliver has a take on it. The Opposition are out to lunch, sorry.


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