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Earth Hour


A combination picture shows an overview of central Tokyo with Tokyo Tower before and during Earth Hour, when its lights were switched off, on Saturday night. See story here.

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@Kurobune, I knew that, I watched it live on television. But I don't think he was 'steeping' onto the moon's surface. Making tea in that environment would be nearly impossible.


@borscht, I don't think they did that in Asakusa - too much fun going on there.

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When people say No One Else, do they mean no one else in Japan or no one else in the World? Other famous sites in the world flip their lights off on Earth Hour (Not week, not year, just an hour) including the Eiffel Tower.

If they mean no one else in Japan... Welcome to Japan.

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North Korea does this every night, all night long too

When the Warmest' change their lifestyles and begin living like North Koreans I might believe they are actually serious about their Chicken Little warnings of impending doom. Until then symbolism like this is all they have. It makes them feel good about themselves but will do nothing to avert their predicted global apocalypse.

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@Trevor - . . . . . one giant leap for mankind. Neil Armstrong after steeping onto the moon's surface in summer of '69.

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I am going to hug myself and touch myeself with a big pat on the back.

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Sometimes, symbolism matters. One small step for one man (or woman), one giant leap for...what? does anyone remember the quote?

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It's great that they did it. Shame nobody else did though.

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North Korea does this every night, all night long too

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Decent combination of lights-on & lights-out if not the best.

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Do we feel better now?

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totally pointless when no one else bothers.

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Turning out the lights to save the environment is a bit facile, especially now with LEDs. Animal agriculture accounts for a much greater share of CO2 and methane emissions but it's a sensitive subject for some people. We should probably be turning out the lights at the gyudon restaurants for a few hours, not Tokyo Tower.

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