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How many ‘masks’ comments will come today from the obvious?

Here’s a ‘quick’ survey from the data provided: 7 of 10 depicted in this small area “don’t really seem to care”. Is 70% fair to say? Let’s hear from the experts.

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From Suga’s statement article Mar 22:

“Experts worry about ‘a the’ potential for resurgence of infections now that the decrease in infections in the Tokyo area has leveled off and people grow fatigued with taking virus prevention measures”.

Let’s see what “a the” future holds.

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Curiously enough most people take their masks off to eat or drink.

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Woman walking alone, outside, far away from everyone: wearing mask.

People huddled close together: not wearing masks.

Yeah, makes sense to me.

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The numbers are going back up due to this behavior of not wearing a mask, sitting too close, and thinking the pandemic is a thing of the past.

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Michael Machida, enough with the lies. The new cases in Tokyo have been flat for the past 10 days at around 300/day. It's over.


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How soon do humans forget!

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Okay, @*NicL 3:17p. *Which of the 7 are having the ‘mokushoku’ for dinner?

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I'm looking at that photo and thinking 'No, thanks'.

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