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Edo Firemanship


Members of the Edo Firemanship Preservation Association display their balancing skills atop bamboo ladders during the New Year demonstration by the fire brigade at Tokyo Big Sight on Friday. The annual event, called “dezomeshiki,” featured firefighting drills, rescue, first aid, a parade of firefighting equipment and other various performances. In all, about 2,700 professional firefighters and members of community-based fire companies in Tokyo and more than 130 fire vehicles, helicopters and ships were mobilized for the event, attended by Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike.

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Impressive. although not sure Firemanship is a real word. also my guess is that hanginf upside down and doing other circus type tricks are not core skills for rescuing people from or putting out fires.

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I guess not enough firemen were hanging upside down in order to save a large swath of Itoigawa

Moderator: A particularly stupid comment.

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