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Edo Tokyo Museum renovated


The fifth and sixth floors of the Edo Tokyo Museum have been renovated and reopened last Saturday. Tokyo's history covered by the museum is now extended to the 21st century (it previously only went as far as the 1960s). Corners such as "Edo to Tokyo" show the gradual transformation of the culture from the Edo period. French and Spanish guides have been added to English, Chinese and Korean to attract more foreigners. Entrance fee is ¥600.

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This place is a treasure. Prepare to spend some time and explore!

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Entrance fee is ¥600

Only six hundred yen? will take a century to recover the cost of renovation.

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Highly recommended.

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Spent a whole day there. And great food at the museum restaurant. Will go back for the new exhibits.

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This place is really a must not just for people from abroad but for any visitors to Tokyo.

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The Kokugikan is the next door, I hope they start selling sumo+museum multi-passes sometime soon.

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This museum is a good one. nice to see Govy. money spent on something worthwhile.

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I liked the spot where one could take pictures of him/herself carrying buckets of nightsoil back into the village :)

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Why INTO the village?

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Awesome. Simply Awesome. Ive always marveled at those handmade models. So much time and effort and passion put into those things. I always walk away in awe of what they have made.

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One thing the museum exhibits taught me is that regardless of whether the city is made by wood, stone, or concrete, there is no cure for Tokyo's overcrowded narrow streets in any century.

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