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Elevator to the Gallows


From left: Movie producer Satoru Ogura, actor Hiroshi Abe, actress Michiko Kichise and director Akira Ogata appear on stage at a special preview of their film "Shikeidai no Elevator," which is a Japanese remake of French director Louis Malle's 1957 murder mystery "Elevator to the Gallows." The film opens in Japan on Oct 9.

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wow she's gorgeous... a quick google reveals she's 35

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Oh look, a domestic film that's a remake of a foreign film...

Sounds awfully familiar what some studios do nowadays....

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shayouzoku, i agree. she was in a late night drama on Fridays on TV Asahi until recently, I don't know if it's still on. she was an elementary school teacher brought in to control a group of crazy kids. looked great and could act. mind-boggling combination in Japan

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She looks like she has bad skin and to much make up

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Look forward to watch the film, to see Hiroshi-san acting again on screen.

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It is about a man stuck in an elevator after he committed a crime. Classic. Hiroshi Abe is the best Japanese actor together with Ken Watanabe. i will definitely see this movie even if it is a remake. I have nothing against to be stuck with him in an elevator to the gallows. dreams.

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a Japanese remake of French director Louis Malle’s 1957 murder mystery “Elevator to the Gallows.”

I used to own that DVD; it's quite good, but the films feels like a prolonged denouement -- lots of mistaken soul-searching from the female lead, who thinks she's been abandoned by her lover, when in fact he's stuck in an elevator, trying to escape.

I wonder if this movie will work in the age of cellphones, however...

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I have read the book. It is one of the greatest thrillers in my opinion.

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