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Empress in Belgium


Japan's Empress Michiko walks out of the St-Gudule Cathedral after attending the funeral of Belgian Queen Fabiola, in Brussels, on Friday. Spanish-born Queen Fabiola, who was married to the late King Baudouin, and popular across much of Belgium, died on Dec 5 at the age of 86.

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She's an elegant woman, she represents Japanese women at their best. That's what's empress and queens are for.

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She's an elegant woman, she represents Japanese women at their best

Well you are entitled to your opinion. I agree that shes an elegant woman but about representin J women at their best.. I dunno about. everyone has their qualities allright.

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She is about 80 years old. She does not use cane and she is still very elegant. AS for T_japan. you are kind to Japanese women.

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I have seen her once, being driven in a very plain car, with very little escort. She waved back to me from the back seat, and as I was the only person in that intersection our eyes met. She seems to be a very modest and kind person.

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She was once a "commoner" and went through literal hell in becoming a member of the royal family. She has aged gracefully and IS a very elegant woman who represents all that is right about this country.

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If that were the Queen there would be a hoohaa about the lady on the right laying a hand on her.

I agree that the Empress is a very elegant lady and has aged gracefully, but I don't see how her being put through hell on account of her being a commoner in the Imperial Family (she and Masako both) in any way represents what is 'right' about this country. Unless you mean right-wing.....

I am sure they would all be so much happier if they were allowed to live normal lives.

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I agree that we should not see her life thru pink glasses - but that's exactly one of the reasons I admire her: her free will to submit herself to, perhaps, the most heinous royal house in the world, not to mention her mother-in-law, who was said to be not a nice person at all . All in the name of love. That's why she is so graceful - despite being ¨nailed down¨ since marrying the emperor, you can still see a glimpse of happiness in the corner of her gentle eyes. Unlike Masako, unfortunately - who look so sad, so terribly sad. In my opinion, Empress Michiko was ready to face both royal agency and her in-law. Masako was not.

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Whowa Empress was not mean to Empress. She was the one who suggested to have Crown Prince to marry.

Empress visited Europe and USA before marriage then studied about custom on Royal family.

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Japan and Europe have different royal customs. Empress Michiko studied them in Japan called Okisaki Kyoiku by Kunaicho.

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@tinawatanabe: You mean Kougou Tenpan?

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