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Photo: REUTERS/Athit Perawongmetha
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Empty airport


Airline employees wait for passengers to check in at Haneda Airport in Tokyo on Saturday.

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What time is this?

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DaDude, exactly. I have lots of photos of empty airports at 2-5am. Also have photos of completely empty parts of airports at 10am-7pm, just depends on where you shoot.

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to the two previous posters : that was spot on ... we just gotta ask what time is this ( must be late at night, probably ). if there,s one place that,s gonna keep having lots of people, that,s airports. they just wanna add more fuel to the hysteria and make ( some ) people believe the world is completely paralyzed ( which it is, kinda, but... ) and coming to an end ( not, it,s not ) ...

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Some airlines will fold, some have already. The airline travel industry could lose 50 million jobs worldwide.

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@Zichi Give a source on that. I have family working for Hawaiian Air. They are not saying that at all.

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One UK airline folded. British Airways only survives with its trans Atlantic travel. Grounding planes and will start laying off staff. Most airline business operates on fragile levels. The Chinese tourists are now a big part of international travel.

The global job losses will be extentive.

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All American airlines have suspended 75% of their overseas flights.

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It should be a regular working hour because there a several counters open with attendants but who knows

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I hear British Airways are in deep doo-doo and Lufthansa as well,so far.

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I have spent many an early morning and late nights at Haneda and it’s never this empty.

Boy I miss traveling, looking forward to this nightmare getting over.

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This is economic carnage in the industry. Both Korean Air and Asiana are at extreme risk as is Cathay Pacific. In Europe, Lufthansa and Air France won't survive this for more than 6 months. Us Legacy carriers may be heading for a bailout as well.

Eventually this will end and the traffic will come back but there will be fewer airlines to carry them.

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Is this domestic or international? I can't see domestic doing anywhere near as bad as international.

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Airlines make their biggest profits on the long haul flights.

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FlyBe, the uk airline that folded, was already in dire straits, with successive bailouts and takeovers, and being run into the ground by fund managers, not airline professionals. Very poor management over the last 2-3 years, rather than the recent virus outbreak over the last few months, was more to blame for its failure.

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