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Utterly ridiculous. My wife is taking her disabled mom to a play on Sunday, in the rain no less, and this will require pushing a wheelchair all over hell and creation. In addition to roads being closed, she also couldn't arrange parking in Umeda.

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Someone should get out with pollution measuring equipment to see what difference it makes. A kindergarden near the road, for example. There have been some alarming stories about the health effects of air pollution recently.

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Some sight right there. I take this part of the highway a lot trying to whisk my way to the far right lane to get on the loop while most other cars are also trying to cut across 2 lanes at the last second.

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This is overkill. If Japan really feels the need to take such drastic measures for security they should either

A refrain from hosting international events altogether, or

B develope the Ogasawara Islands to accomodate any and all international debates and conferences since no one can get within range of that area with ease.

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B develope the Ogasawara Islands to accomodate any and all international debates and conferences

Noooo! The Ogasawara islands are an almost-unsullied natural paradise. It would be an environmental disaster to have it cluttered up with political types.

Hands off the Bonins!

If you must entertain political types, send them to oh I dunno - Iwojima? It's got an airstrip, it's in the middle of nowhere, with plenty of military types around for security and no civilian population to annoy.

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These days of broadband and digital there's no need for an actual summit anywhere and it would save tons of greenhouse gases and cost the taxpyers much less so the money can be spent on more worthwhile causes.

Stay away from Ogasawara.

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Next time...

Host the G-20 in Fukushima!!!

Build a temporary venue and hotel right next to the TEPCO facility....

To prove how safe it is!!!

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Hoping they will take the opportunity not only to record pollution changes as kohakuebisu states above, but that they will check the integrity of these structures which take such a constant hammering night and day.

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Zichi, Cleo, sorry mates. Didn't realize I touched a nerve there. Cleo, your Iwo Jima idea is brilliant though

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PS How did they take that shot? The highway near right seems to be going up to heaven! Pretty neat photography.

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Massive Japanese style overkill. massive disruption to the citizens who will benefit very little from the summit. More to do with the elections.

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There really is no reason for these conferences, they are a waste of time, money and resources, and only serve to disrupt people's lives and give the cops an excuse to bring out the riot gear. We are living in what's basically a police/surveillance state of a world run by people who feel they need this much force to protect them from the people...

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Those g20 nincompoops cause trouble for everyone. Wish they'd hurry up and leave. Those clowns mean nothing to me.

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The trash cans at the train stations in Tokyo are taped closed over this.

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If and when this major intersection is closed off, can I recommend you book a day off! its going to be chaos.

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