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End of a good year


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Japanese Paralympic athlete Mami Sato pose before she rings a bell during a ceremony marking the end of trading in 2013 at the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) in Tokyo on Monday. The Nikkei stock average rose to a fresh six-year high to close out 2013 with a 57% annual gain, its biggest in more than 40 years on the back of aggressive economic stimulus by Abe. Abe was the first Japanese prime minister to attend the ceremony to mark the end of trading.

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Happy new year everyone!

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Double self-congratulations to you Abe! The people of Japan will pay for it later, but for now milk it for what its worth.

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Agreed, Sensei! That's a gold medal smile! And hopefully this will be another great year for the markets, leading up to the greatest Olympic show in history in 2020!

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2013, the rise of Abe. 2014, the fall of Abe. Happy New Year, everyone!

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What a lovely smile she has! I feel happy just looking at her.

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