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Enter the dragon


Participants compete in the Okinawan traditional dragon boat race at Naha Hari festival in Naha on Wednesday. The festival is held annually to pray for big catch and safe fishing.

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"The festival is held annually to pray for big catch and safe fishing" overseas, i guess !

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All out of time...They need a new coach

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LOL grifter, you are correct but it does look fun. The guy in the center doesn't even have his oar in the water but his face is straining.

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It is very fun. I was a coach for Dragon Boat team in Australia. Don't forget the 2nd guy as well..

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To paraphrase the old expression: "the view for everyone but the lead rower is the same."

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I thought this was a picture of the Japanese Navy heading out to meet the Chinese threat.

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Beautiful girl giving the stroking orders while the dudes do the rowing. The way it should be in Japan.

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