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Employees at Ueno Zoo use nets to capture a keeper dressed in a gorilla costume during an emergency drill in Tokyo on Thursday. The zoo conducted the drill using a scenario in which a gorilla escapes from its enclosure. See story here.

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Seeing as how the short guy in the costume and an actual, real-life gorilla pumped up on adrenaline are of comparable strength, I think this emergency drill was a great use of time for all involved.

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That net would be as effective at stopping an angry gorilla as a paper chain. If there was an escape the gorilla will be shot ASAP.

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This was on ABC network newscasts in the US this a.m. They had a grand ole time with the story !

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I was at the zoo one year when they were doing this with a guy in a panda costume. Given all the yuru-kyara running around these days, it came across as far more hilarious than alarming. Hard to run on asphalt when you're wearing a huge panda head and furry slippers!!

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The elephants are snickering.

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Or they could just throw a beer and a bunch of bananas in its cage and it would probably walk back in there on its own. ... for a beer and a porno mag it would probably run back in.

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I have to make myself believe that this is nothing more than a performace for the bored, for what good would these clowns do to a real gorilla? When people struggle to catch a wild boar (some time ago in the sticks), how do they possibly expect this to work? Bread and cisuses is what gors here.

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...and once again everyone misses the joke.

It's a drill, people. It's designed to get people into their positions and practice running search patterns. They have a bit of fun with it, and it generates a bit of free publicity for the zoo at the same time.

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Exactly, look at the face on the gorilla. They are just having a bit of fun while doing drills.

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you have the best line of the week!

watched this on TV last night and was laughing my a"" off. Only in Japan would a drill be so "cute."

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Can't wait for the cute terrorist costumes (a la Aladin?) for the 2020 Olympics.

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Remember they did his last year with a zebra? It was a huge hit on YouTube. One of the funniest and entertaining video clips of the year. I also agree that, a 200 kilogram silverback gorilla is just gonna run straight the through the net and the people behind it. Last years video they used a tranquilizer to calm the faux zebra. It was hilarious!

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Japan, infantile as usual!

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How cute.

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I saw something like this on The Amazing Race television show when the contestants passed through Tokyo. lol

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Oh, give them a break. Nice to see people having a bit of fun at work.

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If you look closely, you'll notice it's a person in a gorilla suit.

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Looks kind of like the Eneos gorilla.

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This is; without a doubt, the most HYSTERICAL thing I've ever seen reported on in the news, in J-Pan. LOL....

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Here is last year's zebra escape. It's much more entertaining than this year's gorilla escape.


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This would work if they populate the gorilla cages with guys in gorilla suits. For a real gorilla... not so much.

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Cue Benny Hill music.

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Next time, can it please be Domo-kun?

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