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Protective mask but no gloves. Makes sense.

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And the social distance.

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Hair salons NEED to be temporarily suspended as well - non-essential services ! I can't believe it's still business as usual!

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All stand-alone drink stores, Barber and hair salon shops MUST be shut immediately as part of the strict measures to combat the virus. In Singapore (and countries in Europe, etc), all barbershop are now shut!

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Lucas, “! I can't believe it's still business as usual!”

See the word “now” in the sentence below? That indicates it’s not business as usual but something different from usual. Whether the measures taken are adequate will be told by time. I personally think barbers and hair salons are non-essential but if adequate measures are taken probably not riskier than going grocery shopping and such.

“Yoshida says he now accepts only one customer at a time by appointment as a measure for preventing the infection.”

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Hair salons and barber shops are allowed to remain open during the state of emergency as they were designated essential services.

Same here in Australia, too. However, some have decided to close for the safety of their staff.

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Meanwhile, some Americans think nail salons are essential. Just cut your own nails!

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everyone knows you need to look good while social distancing

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Protective mask but no gloves. Makes sense.

Even if the guy is infected, touching her hair with his hands is not going to infect her, the virus is not transmitted that way. If he coughs or sneezes on her, that might do it even if they're both wearing run-of-the-mill masks.

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Educator60, by continuously running and operating the business - which is an non-essential business - in the midst of a “state of emergency” is “business as usual” to him! And he was not even wearing protective gloves! Adequate measures? He has ALREADY failed to observe social distancing...let alone...personal hygiene (no gloves) ...

Your comment - Does not matter if Yoshida is now seeing only 1 customer at a time by appointments.... is totally irrelevant. He is being socially irresponsible! All hair salons and Barbers shops must be temporarily closed. Safety first.

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