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Lady Gaga gives her autograph to a fan upon her arrival at Narita International Airport on Tuesday. Gaga is in Japan to promote her new album "ARTPOP." Above 500 "Little Monsters," as her fans are known, were on hand to greet her.

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Eyes test went wrong?

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Nothing personal against her, but I want to know why is it that the AM news program on TV today referred to her as "Gaga-sama"?

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The last two times I arrived in Narita, I was treated to a television interview, too, but without the autographs. So, what's the big deal? Can't see the point of those glasses, though. Turns a pretty face into an ugly one. Is she trying to re-birth 'shock rock'?

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she is certainly GAGA

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She's as much a performance artist as she is a singer. Whether we like her art or not...

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What is matter with her glasses and eyes?

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The picture of her when she rode to the awards show on a horse was stunning. She really is quite beautiful when she drops the ridiculous outfits. But then, she wouldn't be who she is if she did, really. Not a fan of the glasses, but it did make me think of Dr. Strangelove for a moment, and again, she is Gaga after all.

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Her latest album is a big hit. But it was not added to big money makers count on Forbes because it was July hit. Madonna was top money maker and Gaga was second. She may be to[p on nes=xt time report next year. /////////////she is still young. She is wearing clothes of Fall and Winter Las Vegas style.

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Be honest. They are the coolest glasses. Perfect with the outfit she's wearing. Color coordination. Posture. She is pretty cool. Didn't know she was left handed. I am ga-ga, too.

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