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As a So Cal resident, I have had the honor of seeing Ohtani play a few times. There is something about him. The atmosphere in the park changes when he steps onto field.

He is not the first great player that I have seen, but he may be the last.

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What a great accomplishment by a true superstar.

Although, as a Mariners fan, I was happy to Shohei fall to Seattle pitching in their last series. Sorry Shohei fans, but I can appreciate individual players around the league but have to get behind my team when it counts.

By the way, Seattle beat the Yankees in the final two games of their series at home yesterday, (an amazing 13 inning, 1 run game), and a comeback win today.

Go Mariners!!!

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This is news because Ohtani does something other players today don't do, and that is pitch and play a regular position. Take away one or the other he would just be a normal baseball player in the MLB. If he hit 60 to 70 home runs in a year, only then would it be something to talk about. Mark Mcquire, Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa did it, but I don't think Ohtani could match that feat!!

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Nice players to emulate. Steroid users.

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