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Relax, big brother is watching over you.

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Citizens can relax and be assured that police surveillance will allow quick apprehension and prosecution of all wrongdoers who violate the rights and privacy of freedom loving Japanese.

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When rolling in dark clouds moved across the beach in easterly directions today, bring in the backdraft that any water bird is conscience of, they pulled down the exquisitely ripe red cherry and soft cream off white air bird. Hair stood up even though wet making us aware of possible lightning strikes.

When we ran up for shelter at the surf pavilion, crowded and touching body to body with sweat mixed with the faint smell of tepid saltwater, we could hear in the distance a kyukyusha singing a song. Later we found out one of our own got taken away due to a hit and run driver while crossing with a longboard meant for the water and not the front end of a speeding vehicle.

But still, it was a great day to see that balloon. Life is wonderful in Japan. Truly is the land of the rising sun.

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Yet, between their frequent complaints of noisy helicopters, frequent ambulances, amateur-surfing completions and the occasional, physical encounter with sweaty runners, for these ‘negative Nancy’s’, you would think Japan had become ‘intolerable’ or, … ‘hypocritical’.

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Such a beautiful red & white balloon contrasted against puffy white, candy-floss clouds amidst a fair-weather blue sky really makes one think of all the greatness of living in Japan.

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Better than the darn helicopters. There are constantly three to five hovering annoyingly low each day.

Was a good day for the sailors to roam around maskless on the beach and have cold beers in the beach houses that fill the beach areas.

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