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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, right, talks with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi during their meeting at the prime minister's office in Tokyo on Wednesday. See story here.

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"Well Minister, I find that the best time for Pokemon hunting is between 4AM and 6AM..."

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Seems Abe have found a new sense of confidence after his well-received Super Mario cameo! The Chinese minister looks extremely tense and rigid in comparison.

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Increase the Peace!

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Lucky they have NK to discuss, would want the Chinese minister to have to tell Abe to F-off about the South China Sea issues and Senkaku clusterfruk

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There are talking in public , this is actually good news. It could be worse.

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For them, the governance of their own country China is the first and foremost concern. They do not care about foreign relations very much. For them China is the universe.

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Get it together boys!

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They do not care about foreign relations very much. For them China is the universe.<

Only US will think they are the universe , everything on this earth revolve around US, US government will tell the world ,either you are with us or you are against us no 2 way about that.

Can confirm with former president GWB.

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That Wang Yi is a real arrogant git.

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