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Fan of the Force


"Star Wars" fan Takaya Yoshino, 28, poses for a photograph while dressed as a Stormtrooper at his home in Numazu, west of Tokyo. Yoshino said he spends almost all his spare time and money on "Star Wars." On their honeymoon Yoshino and his wife attended a Star Wars weekend at Seaworld in Florida. He said his wife is understanding of his hobby and is a Disney fan. In the bottom right photo, "Star Wars" fan and businessman Testuyuki Nakagawa, 50, dresses as Darth Vader as he poses for a photograph in front of his "Star Wars" collection at his home in Tokyo. Nakagawa said that his wife cannot understand why he buys so many lightsabers.

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I remember growing out of this, when I was about nine.

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Well aren't you the killjoy...

I, for one, think this is pretty cool. If I had the interest and space that this guy has, I would probably have a collection, too.

Similarly, I'm excited for Episode 7. Looking forward to seeing it.

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This star wars hype better be worth it.

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Some people get pleasure from Star Wars stuff, others get it from making snide comments on websites....

I have a small collection of the old stuff, mostly stuff that I had as a kid in the early 80s. In my mid 30s I decided to recreate my childhood collection and have most of it, including the Kenner Millenium Falcon, which is the greatest toy of all time.

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Numazu, west of Tokyo

Hey, we in Shizuoka think our prefecture name is worth a mention ;)

I wonder how understanding his wife will be once she has a kid and/or realizes how expensive these hobbies can get. May the force be with him.

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Yeah, difference is that snide and hater remarks are being stomped on.

The major SNS providers decided a few days ago to remove all hate speech from their siteds. Morebto comevas the providers start catering to local laws.

So far the Net was a Free for Alll and that is ending as per rules upon which where created over 50yrs ago.

Soon you will see prosecutions based on Internet remarks.

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I wished every person had this kind of passion for something in their lives, something to pursue or that fulfills you or just gives you a good time. Poor people who call out "waste of money / time" because they can't accept that humans have different tastes. I'm addicted for foreign languages myself, and I can see the same people who once labeled me as crazy for studying such "exotic" languages as japanese and mandarin living frustrated for never have left their block. All I can say is that this guy Yoshino is a very lucky guy for being able to find a partner who understands and respects his passions, absolutely nothing better in this world to share your life with someone who shares your tastes and way of life :)

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Look like Darth has shrunk in his old age.

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Great to see his collection

Quick question I was 10 when I watched the 1st movie, he is 28 doubt he recalls the initial hype., etc.

And my swarts is bigger than his (Spaceballs reference)

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Quick question I was 10 when I watched the 1st movie, he is 28 doubt he recalls the initial hype., etc.

A little hard to, having been born four years after Return of the Jedi came out.

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It was a rethoric question can do the math myself.

Stii great Collection myself got all the 1/12 figure kits Bandai but the never did a Snowtrooper,

Also got their ship models but the MF is the new one with the square radar.. Stolen prefer some Fine Molds kits likee jango & Bobba Fett Slaves.

Myself all original 5Trilogy beforeb Lucas startmessing w8th i5,

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Fellow collector, always nice. Infinite diversity in infinite combination! :-)

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