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This squirrel lives a strong life in Kamakura

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Looks like a Taiwan squirrel. I think they are a foreign invasive species.

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Thanks, Ossan; I was wondering about that.

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Should not feed wild animals and stay away from them. As to vast population of wild moneys, deers, boars, birds, etc, The start was always people fed good food to small population of such animals they used to be. They someday would come down town and get close to people and steal/plunder food from people/farms day or night.

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In the UK we have two types of squirrel one is grey and the other is red, the red ones are noninvasive and are generally quite rare and well liked as they are non destructive, the common grey is classed as a pest, they are more aggressive and destroy things, this one in the picture looks like its a grey type. they do a good job in planting trees as they take nuts from trees, bury them for winter food, but 60% of the time they forget where they have buried there food!

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We sometimes see squirrels scurrying along the power lines out where we live in western Tokyo. During hunting and gathering season they seem to work all day long.

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