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A family looks at sparrows in a park near the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.

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Nice shot of the family watching sparrows. This is the time of year when my favorite Japanese bird, the Japanese white eye (メジロ, 目白), shows up. https://www.pinterest.com/kulathida/birdsjapanese-white-eye-silver-eyes/

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At my school, myself and one of the other teachers are putting out birdseed and leftover rice. A couple of white-eyes have been taking advantage of the buffet. But oddly, they prefer the cooked rice. I have yet to see them eat the seeds

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NICE shot by Shizuo Kambayashi of an ordinary Japanese family in a park beholding at sparrows

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At least here's a kid who's not glued to any iPhones or portable gaming devices. Parenting at its finest moment.

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