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I love pidgins. Smart and curious.

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Disgusting, flying rats they are. Defecate over everything. Too may senile old people doing this and increasing the pigeon population.

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I wouldn’t get too close and have them scratching my skin…

Viruses people! Bird flu old man!

-7 ( +1 / -8 )

Pigeons are aggresive birds. They press their legs/claws on smaller birds. They just bully little birds.

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Man that photo really hits the soul. Love the happiness displayed!

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Why aren’t the couple wearing masks….?

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Why aren’t the couple wearing masks….?

Couple from the same household, no need.

No one else within social distance, no need.

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Why aren’t the couple wearing masks….?

Why would they be? They're outside, not around other people, and from the same bubble.

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Disgusting, flying rats they are. Defecate over everything. 

They’re birds. Their droppings fertilize the earth.

It’s not their fault that lumbering naked apes are covering the earth in asphalt and concrete, polluting the air we all have to breathe and filling the life-giving oceans with deadly plastic waste. Not to mention totally overturning the balance of the Earth’s ecosystem.

Maybe ‘disgusting’ depends on your outlook.

Leave the birds alone, they’re the least of our problems.

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