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Cats crowd around village nurse and Ozu city official Atsuko Ogata as she carries a bag of cat food to the designated feeding place on Aoshima Island in Ehime Prefecture. Cats are all over the remote island, outnumbering humans six to one. See story here.

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Cats roaming outdoors are a menace to nature.

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Very efficient predators cats are, they disrupt the natural balance if numbers grow out of hand.

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Oh please, people roaming outside are a menace to nature.

These cats all seem to come from one of about three toms!

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I would think that if this lady (and other people) stop feeding the cats, the cat population would die out enough where a natural balance would take effect.

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I think if the national govt. introduced, and the local govts. supported a TNR (Trap - Neuter - release) program nationwide, the number of feral cats would decrease without having to slowly and painfully starve each generation to death, or to slowly and painfully gas the captured ones, as they do now.

Your comment, FernGully, just reinforces my view - humans are the menace.

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How many small birds are there on that island? Not many, I venture to guess.

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You guys do understand, I hope, that cats are naturally extremely pragmatic. When well fed, they generally do not hunt. So the action of these keepers are actually helping the environment.

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ebisen - and yet they insist on bringing their owners half dead birds and lizards.

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I'm not a cat-hater, but this is just plain stupid.

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A national TNR (Trap Neuter Return) program is needed in Japan. The cats will only multiply if not controlled. If they are killed, cats being territorial will only have other cats move into the vacated area. There are numerous programs in the U.S. and UK that show the success of these programs and raising the consciousness of the human population is necessary. Cats are very much misunderstood and we should try to educate our selves about their behavior and lifestyle. They are not dogs and should not be looked at through tainted glasses.

Tokiyo - Cats bring their owners their dead prey as a gift. Sorry they can't go to a fine Ginza store and bring a nicely wrapped present.

Didn't the government recently kick off a program to try to bring the number of euthanized animals to zero? Well, TNR is a very big step forward.

By the way, we have three dogs, and two cats. All were abandoned strays and I must say, it is a human problem, not a cat problem. Rescue, adopt, and don't buy; put an end to unnecessary breeding for profit.

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Meow, please love me says the cat :-)

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As always, these are a manageable, healthy and indigenous population. Spay and neuter, and these populations can be maintained at good health and domestication.

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dbsaiya, I know that, what's with the attitude? I mentioned that because if you had read what I was responding to the post directly above mine :

When well fed, they generally do not hunt. So the action of these keepers are actually helping the environment.

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and yet they insist on bringing their owners half dead birds and lizards.

Well, actually true - it's a social behaviour. If they take prey while not hungry, cat will share this with others in their family, including the humans.

Oh, and cats do not have an owner... dogs do, but cats don't. They have pack members.

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That is just splitting hairs no?

If your cat "pack member" attacked someones child - you as the owner of the cat would have to take responsibility. Regardless of what the cat thinks of its relationship with you.

If we want to go that route and split hairs, it would be dogs that are called "packs" if I am not mistaken.

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I've seen first-hand what feral cats can do to native wildlife. These should be removed & feeding banned. Not that the local obaasan will pay any attention to the laws, though.

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Sorry Tokio, my bad.

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This is on a small island and you guys act like the apocalypse is around the corner. If you don't like cats, don't go there plain and simple.

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Cats roaming outdoors are a menace to nature.

What nature? Why do you think the cats are so hungry? There are no birds or small mammals left anywhere on the island.

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Simply ecologically irresponsible. And, a well fed cat doesn't hunt? If you think that you've never owned an (outdoor) cat.

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Joeintokyo: Humans roaming outdoors are a menace to nature.


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Too many cats and too many road cones on that island.

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is there anyone that can teach cats to hunt crows??? you could be solving two problems with one stone!

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LOL, yes that would be great. I am afraid you´d need a lot bigger cats for that though.

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Can you imagine the pong?

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Look at all those tails in the air! that's a bunch of happy cats, for sure.

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How soon can me and dawgs visit?!

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And I call my mother a cat lady.

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Someday those cats will rule the island with their own government, laws and regulation. They will wage war with humanity only to be overcome by a giant yarnball :).

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