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Fiery fate


Daruma figures wait to be burned at Jion-ji Temple near Kasukabe in Saitama Prefecture. The daruma have been returned to the shrine with both eyes painted (meaning a wish was achieved - or one mysteriously with no eyes painted). Burning daruma is an annual New Year event.

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They look too colorful and interesting to burn.

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fiery fate = radiation fate (?)

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paulinusa - They look too colorful and interesting to burn.

The tradition of Daruma dolls is pretty interesting. Surf it up on Google.

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Ok, why are there some with no eyes..??

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because there wish did not happen that is why they have no painted eyes

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You fill in one eye upon setting the goal, then the other upon fulfilling it. In this way, every time you see the one-eyed Daruma, you recall the goal.

Omamori, Japanese amulets , are also supposed to be returned to the shrine or temple as they are potent for about one year. Keeping omamori for more than a year is said to be bad luck. The priest will burn them for purifying them. (different shrines/temples have different rules, though)

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Burn 'em already! I can't stand those things!

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I have a pile of to-be-burned bills in the front of my house.....

Saitama, keep your dolls...

If you want to burn to a higher power, bring your YEN to my place in Osaka!

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Funny when God or Jesus comes up like it did on Christmans..... all the unbelievers make a mockery of religion... but belief in puppets thrown in the fire and superstitions do not upset anybody and i don't see anybody making a mockery of this.

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belief in puppets thrown in the fire and superstitions do not upset anybody and i don't see anybody making a mockery of this...

Basically because not even the people buying the darumas really believe they bring good luck or anything, it's just a harmless custom. No one's life is ruled by a daruma.

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Just Japanese custom. Same way you shouldn't throw a knife away(kitchen, etc) or a doll (Barbie, etc).

Personally I like the Daruma, you buy it, set a goal, paint one eye and when the goal is reached you paint the 2nd eye. Granted most never get the 2nd eye but that is due to human flaws. ;)

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If you have unwanted Hina-doll, Barbie, Hello Kitty, Rica-chan.. etc, but you cannot throw them away in a garbage bag, some temples will burn (and purify) them for you. The service is called "Ningyo Kuyo".


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daruma is not a "puppet" any more than a representation of jesus crucified on the cross hanging on a wall is a puppet.

criticizing religions in a reasonably respectful tone is acceptable free speech, which is a civil right in a democracy, where the constitution is the law of the land--to which all religions must conform.

denigrating one religion because you don't happen to approve of it's customs, especially when those customs are in no way even controversial with respect to the constitutional law of the land, is quite another matter.

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I love the Daruma clan. Buy one every year. Two I have a soft spot for, been sitting on a shelf in plain view for a few years. Can`t bear to part with them.My daughter has nicknamed the m Barbie and Ken!

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I have a modern day Daruma on my fridge, it's called a 'Things to do list'...

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