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Fighting father


Japanese champion Shinsuke Yamanaka holds his children as he poses for a photo after the WBC bantamweight boxing title match against Panama's challenger Anselmo Moreno in Tokyo, Tuesday. Yamanaka defended his title by a 2-1 decision.

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Cool family picture.

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Great pic!

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The kids are so "kawaii" !

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He has really aged, but great to watch fight.

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The kids look horrified, like theyve just witnessed their dad, knocking three shades of the proverbial, out of another man.

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Yes, I hope the kids didn't have to watch the fight.

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"Do you see that guy over there? Daddy just kicked his @ss"

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Kids are so cute and look innocent.

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Yea, take those pictures so you can 'remember' who the children are just in case that one day happens and you get hit so hard in the head that you forget.

Any so called sport where a 'win' in that sport is to actually knock out the other is not a sport all but dumb cave dwelling, knuckle dragging thuggery. It's 2015 people, grow up already! All this sport does is promote violence in the real sense. To think people get all bent out of shape about violence in TV, movies and video games but don't even think this is an issue. Give your heads a shake or better still, jump in the ring you support so much and get your bell rung.

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What are they? Four and two? How much longer until papa is so punch drunk he can't even fold a paper airplane for them?

If he were a real man, he would quit that troglodyte nonsense and find a real job, for the sake of his kids.

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As per usual,you have to get a knockout to get a draw in Japan.

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かわいい子供は父ちゃんの鼻を持っていますね。。。 kawaii kodomo wa chichichan no hana o motte imasu... the cute kids have their daddy's nose... :-)

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I suppose someone had a "bring your kid to work" day.

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