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Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of Nissan Motor Co Toshiyuki Shiga, right, and presidents of major Japanese automakers, from left, Osamu Masuko of Mitsubishi Motors Corp, Takashi Yamanouchi of Mazda Motor Corp, Takanobu Ito of Honda Motor Co and Akio Toyoda of Toyota Motor Corp, pose prior to their joint press conference in Tokyo on Monday. See story here.

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Fighting words? They are speechless, reporting losses at home and abroad.

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Fighting words about what? Joining TPP? Opposing nuclear power? Crushing unions? A tad bit more information would've been nice, JT.

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This photo looks like the pose-down at a body building championship gone wrong.

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See the top story to the left of the photo.

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Japanese car industry pledging to fist the country back towards success.

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when manny pacquiao is done with marquez, the japan automobile manufacturers association's board of directors is next! cath it on PPV on HBO. and dont forget to watch 24/7 in the weeks leading up to the bout, where we get to see just how desperate the japan automobile industry is getting

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Uh-oh, old Japanese men in suits did the "gambarre" fist!

Get ready for a slew of breath-taking changes, revolutionary ideas and non-negotiable restructuring that will drag Japan out of the 1950s into the 21st century, leading this nation forward...

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I have a japanese friend that worked in a Toyota factory in Nagano. What he told me it looked like modern slavery; a mistake and you got an extra hour that day, sleeping in barracks, and they even counted the seconds he lost going to the toilet.

Now these big guys show off, trying to get better conditions for them, not for their workers. I'm so glad young people in Japan is not interested in cars anymore.

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looks more like ""Our lips are sealed"" haha

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These guys look old, and haggard at best.

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Lame. Their hearts don't look to be in it; you can see it in their eyes.

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Jan ken pon! Aikodesho!

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Wait, do you have to pay these high taxes on Japanese manufactured cars too? ( Dems Fightin Words ), I'm laughing cause that used to me my line when I was a Little hot head growing up.

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most of these bowling pins look like they are about to punch themself in the face.

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Cool pic!

Not often you get to see Mr Mitsubishi, Mr Mazda, Mr Honda, Mr Toyota and Mr Nissan standing in a line.

Just hope they don't try to smash those boxes in front of them!

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I would have hoped one of them might have come up with a decent tie. Talk about grey old men.

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Just look at how vibrant and energetic they look. I bet they're bursting with innovative and fresh ideas for their companies. I'm also sure they got to where they are today by hard work, as opposed to family connections or friends in the right places.

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If it weren't for the gray ties, they look like dressed for a funeral.

Let's ganbarou.

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Is everybody scared yet?

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"Ok guys, now move your arms in a rapid up and down motion".

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