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Again American Chain, but with Italian Food.

Should be wagyu beef burger chain there.

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He looks like he stole a slice of pizza in that pic!

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Always wondered why there are no Kentacohuts here.

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Surely petrol is one of those things you buy as and when you need it?

Who’s going to go out of their way to choose a place just because they sell pizza?

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Awesome! Now I know where I'll be buying my gas if i ever get a car!

@Kenji Who looks like they stole a slice of pizza?

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Makes perfect sense if you get a car wash. Enjoy your slice while they make your car nice.

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Honda said;" from 2019 the Honda Gyro will be ELECTRIC ", so the picture should be of the delivery driver plugging it in not filling it up, its the same where they are used at the Tuna Auctions, because the two stroke fumes are no longer attractive.

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Food available for sale at a gas station? What a genius idea!

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Excellent idea; why NOT ?

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Why should I get minus three for that, the two stroke Honda Gyro IS being phased out, that's your story to this picture;

During this heatwave, NSW has recorded 7 temperatures above 34ºc for highest minimums – 2 prior to last night and 5 last night alone. Prior to 2019, the NSW record was 34.0ºc set in 1994 at Ivanhoe. So the 7 hottest minimum temperatures have occurred this month in NSW history

Good old Climate Change, not what toppings on your pizza !

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