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Ground Self-Defense Forces take part in the Fuji Firepower 2012 review at Higashi-Fuji, near Gotemba, Shizuoka Prefecture, on Saturday. The two-day annual exercise, which is open to the public, ends Sunday.

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Awesome pic!

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I agree, this is a great picture and a fun event to witness. I have seen it twice from the top of Mt. Fuji, and the whole thing is like watching a Godzilla (The 70's version) movie.

Unfortunately, this is also an excerize in antiquity. What Japan really needs to do, what it has not done even with about 20 years of warning, is to transform the military from a heavy armoured force designed to bottle up the Soviets in Hokkaido till the U.S. Army arrives, to a mobile rapid deployment force oriented to the South and West of the country.

We need fewer, or no pictures of Tanks and many more pictures of Subs, Small Carriers, and A whole new fleet of 5th Generation Aircraft because war, if it comes, will be won or lost at Sea and in the Air.

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Great shot indeed, from the cameraman that is!

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Wow, that's a good shot (camera).

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This looks like the Type 10 main battle tank.

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Or it could be an adequate copy of a German main battle tank

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impressive. Phenomenal slow-mo camera work.

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Great shot indeed!

Graham DeShazo,

I don't know, maybe you are right for right this instant. However, warfare is becoming increasingly robotic. In 10 yrs, maybe a little longer, the long-range strike robots will fly fast, far, have enough force to knock out any target of import, and there will be less and less need for ppl to do any fighting. W/Jpns money and tech know-how, they could develop a good next-gen robot force.

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CrazyJoe - You're right: it's the 10TK (TK-X). My less fortunate shots are posted here: http://www.facebook.com/BackFromLeavePhoto

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The mathematics of the charge, the bore, all finely tuned.

Superb, stunning shot. You can even see the projectile. Should be entered for a top prize somewhere!

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It would be easy to do no more than congratulate the photographer for his lucky timing (which is certainly part of the equation), but it's not the only factor that makes this a great shot. Mr. Shaw was prepared. He had his framing right (although this may be cropped from a looser composition, no biggie). He had his exposure set such that the flame wasn't too bright, and the background wasn't too dark. Getting the projectile in the shot was (some very nice) gravy.

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Good job Rob Shaw, it's a good photo and I who knows nothing about tanks likes the color of this one.

John Becker, I had know idea how much attention actually goes into a photo. I just point and shoot hoping for the best.

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@Rob Shaw


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nice very awesome !!!!!

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Great picture!

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With all the crap about Dokdo and the Senkakus right now, this makes a fine promotion for war, so nice timing indeed.

No thanks.

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@ Alternate Universe this is a annual exercise not a case of sabre rattling. There are very few places in Japan they can fire these weapons and they must take advantage for training when and where they can.

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Nice shot, Rob. Not a fan of war or war machines, but credit must be given where it is due.

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