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Fish test


A laboratory technician uses a Geiger counter to measure radiation levels in fish, which were caught close to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, at the Fukushima Agricultural Technology Center in Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture. Read related story here.

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Test is whether it has 3 eyes, like Blinky.

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Ah, what's the use? They'll just be mislabeled as 'Pacific Ocean' and sold at a discount. Testing is good, but it's time for the government to get tough -- and they need to start at the source; themselves and TEPCO. Get the poor fishermen out of the area and put them up, at TEPCO's expense, somewhere where they can make a living doing what they do best.

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Geiger counters cannot measure radiation levels of a fish or any food. They should stop this nonsense.

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Jeez, if the fish are radioactive enough to show up on a geiger counter, then they must be fairly loaded. The current radiation limits are low enough to not even register on a geiger counter over the regular background radiation - need to use a special measurement device to check it!

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what a stupid picture. You cannot check whether food satisfies the Cesium contamination criteria with such a device. You need at least a sodium iodide detector with a background shield, or better a high-purity germanium detector. But of course it's great for feeding sensationalist nonsense to the populace.

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Just curious. Can anybody ID the brand of the meter so we can see whether or not it can do that job? It would be interesting.

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Yet they won't test the mercury in whale and dolphin meat.

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you can't measure food radiation like that and will even pick up background levels. It has to be tested in a proper measuring machine which makes it worse than useless because they'll say the fish is safe to eat when they just don't know?

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what the??? unless he's going to hold it for 24 hours in a lead shielded room then doesn't expect any useful readings.

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Can anybody ID the brand of the meter so we can see whether or not it can do that job? It would be interesting.

Seems to be Aloka, in the price range of 550,000 to 600,000 yen a piece.

Anyway, this looks to be more like a government/TEPCO propaganda than an actual radiation check.

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How can such a useless and totally non-scientific way of measuring food contamination by nucleotides be published without any comment by Reuters and taken as is by JT and many other non-redactional newspapers? I am voiceless!

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Please read the related story.

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