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Fit and freezing


Japanese physical fitness enthusiasts pray while dipping in icy water during a winter ritual to keep themselves fit and display their perseverance at Teppozu Inari Shinto Shrine in Tokyo on Sunday.

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And people all around Japan are looking at these guys and thinking one of two things waaa sugoi, or baka dane

Festivals like this, the fire matsuri, etc etc etc just reinforce the cultural aspects of gaman in the face of adversity.

Maybe they all need a slap in the face?

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I was thinking more like "nutters".

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I've never really understood why some people think that bathing in icy water is beneficial.

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Pussies. They should be up to their necks, not just up to their chests in that icy water, ha ha!

Actually, I am living proof that wading into icy water just before getting into bed prompts squeals of "sugoi!", ha ha!

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I've never really understood why some people think that bathing in icy water is beneficial.

I grew up in a place where they believed it. That very popular in Germany from mid-19th century. My mother's math teacher was one them : a group of guys would swim in the river every morning, including the 6 months of negative temperature. And this guy did it till he was 95, he looked like a healthy 60 at that time. The others had not all his longevity, but they were healthy too. We'd just go to watch. That used to be "popular science" and gurus like Kneipp. There is now real science behind it. It seems to really work for certain things even if that doesn't cure tuberculosis. That's not for everybody, surely don't throw granny into the ice-cube bath. but many athletes are adepts. I prefer that to a too hot onsen, but it's in case I fall, I choose to dip in neither. The question is how they do it ? To walk on fire I know the trick, they don't actually get burnt. For water I asked many times and they said : "No trick, we do freeze our @sses....".

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For water I asked many times and they said : "No trick, we do freeze our @sses....".

Braver than me! Great story!

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I want do this but in Okinawa it's 21C water temperature right now... (I'm German!)

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Well I believe there are studies that indicate a cold dip or very cold shower can improve the immune system, lymphatic system function and read can even help chronic pain. I think it has to be regular though. A cold dip every now and again seems to do nothing other than make your testicles want to leave home.

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enthusiasts pray while dipping in icy water...

More like hyperventilating. Hope they got the good sense and finish "praying" and get out of the water within ten minutes.

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What! Only up to their chests? They should be up to their necks in that nice cold water!

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Nice. There are people in Europe who like to swim in the Baltic sea in winter (when the water is freezing) and they are called "walruses".

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Bathing is icy water is beneficial to the reproduction rate. Bathing is 50 degree C. water is detrimental.

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the only benefit I can think of is libido suppression.....................

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