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Manchester United's Shinji Kagawa lifts the English Premier League trophy at Old Trafford stadium in Manchester, northern England on Sunday. Alex Ferguson's last home match in charge of Manchester United ended in a low-key 2-1 Premier League win over Swansea City as the Old Trafford crowd gave their long-serving manager a warm and emotional send-off on Sunday. See story here.

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Congrats, Champ20ns! and Van Persie for his first ever league title. Salute to the old man, 19 years watching United playing under your management was a pleasure.

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The end of an era, will David Moyes be able to continue with the success?

The king of football has left the stadium.

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Kagawa did OK this season. He's got to cut down on his back passes and take more on opponent defenders.

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Kagawa did more than OK this season especially if you factor in his absence due to injury. I don't think Rooney would be so unhappy, and more importantly, unsure of his position as attacking midfielder if all Kagawa did was OK.

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Manchester United win their 20th league title 20 years after Sir Alex Ferguson won his first title at United with 20 different players scoring during the season led by our top scorer, #20 Robin van Persie. 20 it is.

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Kagawa was dropped for major games against, for example, Chelsea, Real Madrid and so on. He merely played against minnows. Did he prove so much as you say?

Look at Hazard or Benteke. They did so much better than Kagawa.

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'Will David Moyes be able to continue with the success?' The bookies have Man U and Man C at pretty much the same odds for next season's title. New faces at both clubs next season ( not to mention Chelsea who seem to have a new face every season ). Well done to Ferguson and Scholes.

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For whatever it's worth, after Kagawa's first year at United I sincerely doubt that the United management have any regret for Hazard's choice last summer. And this despite Kagawa's obvious inexperience in kicking ball boys...

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You haven't obviously seen much of Eden Hazard all season, USNinJapan2. You didn't read about the row carefully, either.

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Who cares

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You haven't obviously seen much of Eden Hazard all season,

To the contrary I have. I still wouldn't trade him for Kagawa, who has all but settled into a spot in the United starting XI, something I don't think you can quite say about Hazard at Chelsea. I would take the right fit for the side and having watched Hazard, and yes I do watch my share of Chelsea matches, I don't think he would have fit in as well at United as Kagawa has. Is Hazard brilliant and talented? Certainly. Does he have a lot of potential? Absolutely. But how long will people keep saying that and who knows how long he will stay at Chelsea with nothing to show for his efforts? Although definitely not as flashy as Hazard, I'm pretty sure Kagawa will still be a valuable and contributing member at United with more trophies won long after Hazard has moved on from Chelsea empty handed.

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