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A girl on her father's shoulders looks through a maze of sunflowers growing in a field during a sunflower festival in the town of Nogi, Tochigi Prefecture. A total of some 200,000 sunflowers welcomed guests for the summer festival, an annual draw for the small town.

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What a image ! It almost looks photoshopped.

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Sunflowers are one of those natural wonders you just look at and go "Wow..." :-) There's a great scene in a movie called "Everything Is Illuminated"...

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aww, so cute...

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Too beautiful

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Beautiful! What a lovely picture.

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And they absorb those pesky radioactive materials. I'm surprised the place isn't swarming with kids sent out there by their anxious parents.

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Nice, but seriously dangerous as it is very close to fukushima

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Nice to see a cute pic.

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This is a first for me. I'm going to say a good thing about a picture on JT.

This is a beautiful picture! The way he's used the light and colours is great.

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how many times have we seen essentially this same pic on JT, a giant garden shot, Japanese really love these monotonous places filled with sunflowers or lavender etc etc

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Nice pic.

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Dad's probably thinking, "Take the shot already! Girl ain't getting any lighter!"

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@steve: She is brilliant at this stuff, but I doubt very much that she would send you a private message. I have known her from the surfing scene in Japan and Florida and from her family for a long time. She would not give out her mail here.

You should be calling her Ms Hiro.

It really is an obvious photo play. I must re-read the user guide for JT about what kind of photos can be uploaded.

If they accept enhancements, then that would be fun.

Be well Steve.

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here is a slightly higher res pic


So you are saying Mr. Nogi has duped the folks at Getty Images? I thought their standards would be higher.

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Yes it is cute

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Very nice photo, but poor daddy is nowhere to be seen!

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Wow!! Those flowers are bigger than her head!!! Nice pic!!

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how many millisieverts is she getting blasted by?

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If you've got an empty piece of land, do what I do and get a bag of hamster feed at the 100 yen store; the sunflower seeds are perfectly plantable and far cheaper than buying nursery seeds. Also, sunflowers have made me realize how plants have memory; think about it: they track the sun with their leaves from east to west during the day; then, at night, with no external stimuli, they shift their attitude back towards the east to await the morning rays.

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They look creepy like that are all about to come alive

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@ gogogo

I was wondering if those were the Sunflowers they were using to clean the soil of radioactive contamination in Fukushima. Then I read your post, Thanks for answering my Question.

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Sunflowers is very beautiful. I think sunflowers is symbol of summer. This picture is nice.

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Also, sunflowers have made me realize how plants have memory; think about it: they track the sun

I believe that is phototropism is my grade 8 biology memories serve me correct.

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Interesting Wiki:


Heliotropism A common misconception is that sunflowers track the sun.[7] In fact, mature flowerheads typically face east and do not move. The leaves and buds of young sunflowers do exhibit heliotropism (sun turning).

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Nogi is over 100 miles from Fukushima Daiichi.

The Himawari Matsuri has been held every year for over 20 years. It used to be that every summer sunflowers were everywhere, but in recent years you have to go to the festival site to see them in any numbers. Apart from the pretty flowers, the festival is quite boring.

It's true that sunflowers do follow the sun, kinda, but they don't all face in exactly the same direction; there are always a few that don't get it right and point somewhere else.

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Great picture, I love fields of sunflowers. Reminds me of northern Wisconsin with fields of sunflowers as far as the eye can see.

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Nice picture. I hope the festival was a great success.

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Wow - most negatively rated "Pic of the Day" probably ever. No thumbs up. Lots of negatives here. I admit - the photo is very poor (if you are a photographer) but there is no need to diss the positive comments as everyone has done with their thumbs down! Heck - there have occasionally been worse pics of the day that got positive reviews!

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PS - I think the girl looks sooo cute among the flowers!

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@ BurakuminDes

I hear you, I haven't had so many minus's since Ryu Matsumoto told off the prefecture governors.

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@Utrack - ha ha!

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even girls dress like obaasans in Japan - in black, not good at all. I think the picture would have been better without the girl, seriously the girl looks depressed, not smiling.

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