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It's amazing! I feel like flying!

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These guys are plain bonkers! 100MPH+ on snow and ice?

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Nice to see Toyota getting along in rally.

I hope Subaru will get back into WRC again.

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Amazing shot. More like point-and-shoot than ‘steering their car’.

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How interesting. In the US the Yaris was about the lowliest budget model Toyota sold. There was never a performance model and certainly nothing along the lines of an Mitsubishi Evo, Subaru Impreza WRX STI or the hairy chested Ford Focus RS. This is like discovering the skinny nerdy kid in thick glasses you knew in middle school has become a competitive triathlete in adulthood.

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The Scandinavians, and the Finns in particular, have long been legendary rally drivers because they have their long winters' access to forested areas, snow and ice. Finland has tens of thousands (I've seen various figures quoted, up to 80K! ) lakes that freeze over in winter deep enough to hold competitive racing/rallying events. No wonder they're good at it! Go Toyota with the Yaris! Good to see, as Desert Tortoise says!

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