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Excellent, GO ANA !!.. GO JAPAN !!..

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Should be made compulsory all over the world.

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I understand the seriousness of the situation but does anyone really believe these large corporations or most major climate activists leaders.

I was in a nice hotel in Japan, the corporation like ANA says it is taking certain measures to reduce waste and climate change, so we took the eco friendly pack no daily room cleaning.

"In all the rooms this notice to reduce our ecological impact we have removed the following plastic based items: bursh, combs......"

Then we go to breakfast, it is a buffet where we are told to use a new pair of plastic gloves ( non latex due to peoples allergies) told not to resuses the same plat or cup, ( I won't get into the food waste).

And if anyone thinks this is a safety measures because of Covid, well all the silly parents are there with there no mask, no gloves children at the buffet faces at food height with staff constantly telling them not to touch things.

Then we have climate activists like Greta Thunberg flying around the world, Izzy Cook one of the leaders of students movement in NZ saying we should need a permit to travel only for special reason.

Then the reporter asks is she travelled by plane recently Izzy admits going to Fiji on vacation recently the exact location she just told the reporter she (the report) should go to.

Instead of accepting the hypocrisy, social media attacked the report for laughing at the girl (Izzy).

Everything is knee-jerk reaction like the "save the trees" campaign back in the 70s against paper bags the exact reason we use plastic bags now. It seemed like a good idea at the time but lead to far worse

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The only way to be environmentally friendly is not to fly. All these corporations spend more on advertising their ESG goals than actually doing anything worthwhile for the environment. They should be ashamed.

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I understand the seriousness of the situation but does anyone really believe these large corporations or most major climate activists leaders.

No, these are required PR obligations amidst climate change. It's just a giant greef leaf sticker on a gas guzzler.

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Then we have climate activists like Greta Thunberg flying around the world

Greta Thunberg does not take flights.

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Why don't they just paint "Green" with some little flowers onto all the barrels of jet fuel this "special" airplane will consume, too? It might also "raise awareness"? lol.

Changing the world one Virtue Signal at a time! lol. As empty a gesture as when they decided to stamp almost every electric product with the term "Eco" purely for marketing reasons! "We Support The Current Thing!!" is trending hard...

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On something that contributes alot to CO2? It's like promoting no smoking awareness on cigarettes.

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Flying green?

ANA unveils its Green Jet.

Well, just to paint planes partly green does not really raise awareness or promote sustainable practices to reduce green-house gas emissions.

Such green practices are everywhere, yet climate change is worsening much faster than anticipated..

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While I deride a good greenwash as much as the next poster here on JT, the project to try cutting drag and therefore fuel consumption is worth a try, if for no other reason than to reduce fuel costs.

The CO2 stuff is just window dressing to satisfy the ESG and AGW alarmist crowd.

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Everyone should do what they can to reduce their carbon footprint. The planet is hurting.

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Few here sense the irony? I'm basically rotflmao!

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Abandoning a proven energy source (fossil fuel) for the GND pipe dream is idiocy beyond the pale!

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Peacocking greenwash, little else.

We need a serious conversation about reducing consumption.

Greta Thunberg does not take flights.

The downvotes for this - despite the evidence - are hilarious.

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You can’t have a ‘green’ jet aircraft. Ridiculous greenwashing, stop treating us like idiots. Oh, wait, some people believe this is possible……..

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Many anti-environmental whiners here, lol..

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