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A group of seniors photograph the sights at Engakuji Temple in Kamakura.

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looks like bird-shooting....! good luck, catch some wonderful images share with JT (for free) !

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Great title!

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I see this sight almost everywhere in Japan.

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This seems to be nothing remarkable to me.

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kinda scary haha

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Great title and beautiful shot. There's something wonderful about seeing all these seniors with their cameras. Just makes you want to smile~

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I'm always amazed. The other day, like many days, I visited a place in the mountains to enjoy and photo the splendid red leaf. There were many of these "senior photo groups" out in force, each with their own photo sensei, who earns a small fortune one way or another from these people.

They always seem to have the most expensive camera's fitted with the biggest and most expensive lens. They also have the heaviest tripods.

Total cost of their rig, more than ¥1 million. Do their sensei's tell them to take great photo's, they need the most expensive camera and lens? Or does the sensei have some deal with a camera shop which pays him commission?

I'm an artist and also a good photographer but I only use a good compact camera which fits into a large lens bag and sits on my hip belt. Mostly I carry a tripod but the other day I decided I needed some practice without a one.

I shot some great pic's. I took my wife's mobile phone with a 5 mega camera and also got some great shots.

It's not the camera which makes the photographer, it's the photographer which makes the camera.

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