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A girl hooks her umbrella on her mother's umbrella as they walk past the electronic stock board of a securities firm in Tokyo on Tuesday.

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Is this pic a metaphor of how the Japanese economy is barely "hanging on"?

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It seems that child just wants to play with mother on the way home due to busy life.

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This little girl does not want any opportunity to play to go wasted.

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The board will register that the market has been in a decline. The child seems to be trying to hold the mother back in a playful manner. So are we to interpret this to mean the playful, childish nature of investment companies, hedge fund managers and the lot are stopping the nation from moving forward as they exploit hard working folks and the environment for excessive private gain?

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Why must the picture be interpreted as a metaphor for anything?

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Those umbrellas cannot be put into a handbag or briefcase.

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The girl is telling her mommy not to buy any TEPCO stocks.

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