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For a long life


Elderly people and a little girl exercise with wooden dumbbells during a health promotion event to mark "Respect for the Aged Day" at a temple in Tokyo on Monday.

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to keep the heart going just keep pumping those dumbells

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That is one cute little kid.

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Out of all demographic groups, it is the elderly in Japan that respect the least. Japan should learn to respect their young, give them the means to become critical thinkers instead of just producing automatons. The elderly are those people who ruin Japan because they are often embittered nationalists who are too egotistical to let the young create a more peaceful, hopeful Japan that doesn't have to fear complete extermination from its overpowering neighbours.

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I would say that it is the little things like this that keep the "obasans and ojisans" so generally healthy. If my memory serves me correctly, the Japanese have something like the 2nd longest life expectancy in the world!

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That's pretty nice pic. Live long and prosper.

And Franz, stop blaming the elderly and keep your natonalist thing crap in your pants.

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Cool photo!

Franz, it is the elderly in this country that worked their bottoms off 6 days a week and made Japan the economic power that it is ... was. Yes, they did a few things wrong and we are now stuck with maid-cafes and Soshoku Danshi and the most meaningless education system in the developed world, but they've done their share, now it's the younger generation's job to support them. Happy retirement old people, live long!

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That is adorable.

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Ah, so that's the secret, wooden dumbbells. Whoda thunk? Cute picture. My 90 y/o MiL still lives with us, so I guess I'll agree with Lunchbox on this one. But there are times when the house is just too small!

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kawaii ne! i think it's a fun holiday. i can't wait to celebrate next year when i move.

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@Lunchbox They might have worked a lot, but how many of those hours were simply spent doing "dara dara" because they don't know how to work effectively? Germany built almost a big economy as Japan with half the population and maybe half the working hours put in because they worked more effectively. Also, where do you think the Soushoku Danshi and maid-cafes come from? The elderly should have spent more time with their kids, raising them to be real adults instead of doing senseless overtime in their companies. They built Japan's economy, but they failed at building the next generation to take over what they accomplished. A massive oversight, and ultimately, a failure on their part.

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I definitely have total respect for the Obasans and Ojisans here in Japan. Last week I hiked up to the summit at Mt. Fuji and all of them in the group kept a great pace. I even seen them pass some of the younger hikers. That was fun to see.

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