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A lone worker walks among forklifts parked at a factory of the Keihin industrial complex in Kawasaki, on Wednesday. The factory has been idle amid the economic crisis.

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Ideal Picture, Production, People and Politicians remain standstill in world's second largest economy.

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it seems as if the worker is thinking WHAT THE FORK IS GOING ON HERE.

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Nice image.

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A lone worker walks among forklifts

Is that all he does at his company?..

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I like the ad on my screen. "Compare Forklift Price Quotes and Save!"

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cool picture ...

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Huge selection at warehouse prices. Find Forklifts online www.ErIndustrial.com........ ROFLMFAO!!!!!

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This is the great picture of the day for today, not the other one with the 5 infantiles. Illustrates exactly what Japan is today. Hopefully economy recovers quickly.

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"Illustrates exactly what Japan is today"

You haven't taken any strolls around DisneyLand or Shibuya recently, have you?

I once drove a forklift for a living, and that was a propane gas-powered clutch one - those are tricky!

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Sarge, I definitely like the forklift picture.

PS: I have tender feelings for forklifts. Once I worked in a plant and had a working injury on the conveyer and a handsome man on a forklift helped me to the hospital on his forklift.

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