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Shoppers wearing swimwear rush in during a promotional event at a Desigual clothing retail store in Harajuku, Tokyo, on Saturday. The store offered free outfits to the first 100 shoppers wearing swimwear on the first day of the summer sale.

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At least that's original ! (and in the rain -practical...)

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Not really that original.

In Europe they often have similar promotions with the exception that the Shoppers are all in the Buff. See those pics often in my hometowns newspaper.

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That brand is pretty well-known for their fun events. I once went to a fashion trade show and they did not only have a DJ at their booth but served cocktails and fruit salad - the male staff was shirtless and the female staff in bikini tops and hot pants. Party on!

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Desigual is a cheap Spanish brand well know for its advertizing but also for its poor quality.

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Too bad they were not giving away free cheese burgers. Most of the guys in the picture could certainly use them.

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Must have smelled awful with so many sweaty, swim suit wearing people in close contact with each other.

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