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From judo to ice cream


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Nice. Hope she comes up with an ice cream with less sugar and lots of fat. No low fat stuff please, that only makes you fat.

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Otsukare sama deshita. Relive her gold medal match from London. bit.ly/2tbDLvX

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Ice-cream for weight loss? In Japan? Doomed, I tell ya.

A famous American comedian joked about McDonald's offering healthy items - like people on a diet should go to McDonald's.

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Judo Olympic gold & bronze medalist before she was even 30. Now she is a mother and launching a new business... she's done more with her life at 31 than many people do in a lifetime. I really respect her.

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Her arms are pretty thick. She could probably benchpress the average Japanese guy.

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She looked scary during the Olympics, but omg, she looks GORGEOUS now!

Ice-cream for weight loss? In Japan? Doomed, I tell ya

Au contraire! Darcy's, where she is going to work, makes non-dairy, white sugar free, gluten free and preservatives free and probably delicious ice cream. I bet their coconut milk-chocolate cookie ice cream is delicious.


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