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Yu Darvish of the Texas Rangers pitches against the Los Angeles Angels in the first inning in Arlington, Texas, on Sunday. The Rangers won the game 6-2 to book a one-game showdown with Tampa Bay for the final Major League Baseball playoff berth.

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Nice job! Yuuuuuuuuuuuu! Well, hope the Rangers wins tomorrow and goes to the play off games. By the way,as for me,Yu has been doing OK, but not really as great pitcher as he used to be in Japan, especially he has given up too many home runs and given runs in the first inning. He used to say in Japan," A good starting pitcher doesn't give runs before the opponent gives it," but he has been quiet about that of his pride. Hopefully, he'll show it to MLB in this post games. Le't go, Yuuuuu!

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This guy is definitely tough pitcher, with really gifted talent. However most players in MLB are great so they can get big pay, pay of a year usually more than general guy whole life could earn!

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Ganbarre, Yu-san !

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