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Fuel-cell car


Toyota Motor Corp Executive Vice President Mitsuhisa Kato speaks in front of the company's prototype fuel cell vehicle (FCV) sedan car, which has the same body design as the one that will launch in 2015, during a news conference at the company's showroom in Tokyo on Wednesday. It is Toyota's first mass-market fuel-cell car and is due to go on sale in Japan by the end of March next year priced at around 7 million yen. A U.S. and European launch will follow in the summer. See story here.

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Looks and sounds great !!! Where do I fill it up?

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7 million yen! ummmm cannot buy it(@_@)

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I really want to buy one someday. I just don't want to worry about price of gasoline every day.

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Gimme one and the cell network around me.

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Bring it on!

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I'm gonna wait bit more until Honda and Nissan launch their Fuelcell cars

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Daniel, you will be waiting a long time, but this could be a good chance to save up for a down-payment.

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Honda is close, nanda and Daniel. Nissan is taking it slower.

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I know that Honda and Nissan are going to be late in the game... but better late than never And with two more companies that offer fuel cells, the prices will drop... and by then I hope there will be more infrastructure for these type of cars... Gas... errr Hydrogen Stations.

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Bragging rights?

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