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Fuji's 1st snowcap of the season


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It looks like humans scratched the mountain, and now it is ugly scar.

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Nice picture, the ascending and descending paths clearly visible.

Hope to climb it next year.

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I never imagined the paths would be like that, though I guess the volume of climbers necessitates it.

It's supposed to be La Nina this winter, so hopefully lots of snow. It's been very warm so far this year, September included, so this early (?) snow on Fuji is not especially representative of recent weather.

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I had no idea ol'Fooj had those walking path things. Too bad.

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My apartment in shizuoka had a magnificent view of Fuji san in the winter months when there is lower humidity. Lived in shizuoka shi for many years and through my times there even recently visiting I love the atmosphere but it's getting to much like Nagoya or Hamamatsu, big city and losing it's small town feel. Younger son and I will hike Fuji san and stay in a hut near the summit then a few hours before sunrise will sprinkle the last ashes of my late wife and his mom on the summit.

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The zig-zag track is for bulldozers which supply the mountain huts with food, water, beer and other necessities. The pedestrian trail for hikers is the smaller track to the right.

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How I wish I had known about those paths in 1979. My then girlfriend, now wife, would have appreciated it.

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