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Fuji Shibazakura Festival


Visitors admire the colorful "shibazakura" (moss phlox flowers) with Mount Fuji as a backdrop at the annual Fuji Shibazakura Festival in Yamanashi Prefecture on Tuesday. The festival runs until May 29 this year. Recently replanted, the flowers are set to reach peak bloom during Golden Week. For more information on the festival, click here.

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Très joli !

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As a local let me give you some free advice; save your sanity by avoiding this place entirely during GW, it's an absolute 'mare

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Have some shibazakua in the yard that will give me my fix......

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save your sanity by avoiding this place entirely during GW

Isn't that sane advice for any popular destination in Japan? Shame though, the only week most of us get a day of and everyone has the same plans.

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Here's how you think your day will play out:

You'll take a scenic drive with friends and family and talk about how beautiful Mt. Fuji looks.

Then, you'll stroll the park and admire the beauty and the incredible arrangement of the flowers and the care involved.

After that, you'll sit down and eat a delicious meal or snack and enjoy the comfort of being outdoors and not in an office.

Here's how your day will actually go:

That scenic drive turns into a 3 hour nightmare of not moving on a single lane road and your friends and family are sleeping or complaining about needing the toilet or food. And after you find parking, walk 30 minutes to the entrance.

Out of your car is not better, you'll either be moving at pace that makes you wish you were in a line for Space Mountain or being bumped and pushed by annoyed old people cuz you're tall, and the sooner you can get out of there, the happier you'll be is all that's on your mind.

And if you want to eat there, you'll eat overpriced yakisoba standing up and everyone at this point will want to go home and you'll wish it was just another Monday at the office.

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Agree with a lot of the above comments. I'm Japanese/American and came here awhile back. Was pretty shocked to see how any of the events go. Kyoto, Kobe (during the light festival), Osaka marathons, any kinda event or get together is just a mass of humans moving at turtle pace with police or event organizers bellowing in ur ear with a megaphone. My idea of a good time out isn't being in the middle of thousands of others, but here it's quite fun and wonderful (seemingly) to be in the midst of a crowd just participating. I think there's a big difference in what people think is exciting here as the others I was with were enjoying themselves. I also can't get over the noise pollution. Like say at a annual Luminaire they place cops around every 10-20 meters that are barking at you to walk along. If something is supposed to be beautiful (and it is) you shouldn't ruin it with megaphones.

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Harvey P...........sadly you NAILED so many outings in Japan, & super worse during my namesake GW, or Obon, or Oshogatsu.

I NEVER do anything but stay close to home during the above 3 & if I do any overnighters I try to start on a Sun or early in the week, then you have a CHANCE to avoid the masses but its still only a chance

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So sorry to see that many cannot seem to let go of negative thoughts and words. It is a lovely picture of a beautiful scene. and being at evens with others who are enjoying them is a lot of fun. :)

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Very beautiful picture!

I'm going this GW as well... but clicking on this picture and reading the comments brought me back to reality that it's probably not going to go as smoothly as I imagine it in my head.

Funny and sad part is after 5 years of living in this country, you'd think that I avoid going anywhere remotely touristy on GW but alas...

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Harvey, good one! Reminds me of the year my friend attempted to drive me to see Yoshino cherry blossoms in Nara. We ended up turning back and going home.

Still, that's a stunning photo.

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Breathtaking sight of shibazakura against a backdrop of Mount Fuji. Nice photo!

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Fuji Shibazakura Festival in YAMANASHI is beautiful and worth visiting . Background of Mt.Fuji adds additional aesthetical natural background and make the sight captivating.

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Majestic scenery!

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maybe if people unionized to make the regular workday end at 5pm people would have time to enjoy it with their families and friends.

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