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Fuji sunrise


Climbers watch the sunrise from atop Mt Fuji.

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safer than at the bottom

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Cripes! All I saw at the top was a white fog!

Great photo!

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It is a great photo, but the weather was even finer when I was up there. And a friend who went a few days later couldn't see a thing. Luck of the draw.

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i got a pretty cool view when i did it. unfortunately i didn't quite make it to the top in time, but was still a great experience. definitely fun to make a mistake and return through suicide forest

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On a homestay trip to Japan when I was in the sixth grade. Our buses showed up two hours late to take us to Mt. Fuji. The group I was in made it to the level just short of the top before we had to start back down. My goal has been to come back and finish at the top.

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