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Fukushima explanation


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The Korea Herald article makes it sound that the Korean opposition party is as open-minded as mud is clear and as the opposition party in the states is scientific-minded. With preconcieved ideas, how do politicians ever consider scientific research as legitimate?

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We will have to wait for it.

Korean team delays conclusion on Fukushima wastewater safety


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South Korea's Nuclear Safety and Security Commission Chairperson Yoo Guk-hee announces the results of their inspection of Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant during a press conference at the Government Complex Building in Seoul on Wednesday.

Yeah ............japantoday..........and the results are ??????????????????????????????????????????????

Terrible reporting ! Doh !!

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You can explain it again for them, but you can’t understand it for them.

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If you have to explain and explain again for years, something is wrong.

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The final dilution will be.

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The wastewater does not contain salt water.

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Maybe because the processing of the water isn’t complete yet, and it will be salt water?

If the finished product were desalinated, it would exceed drinking water standards more than bottled water from Costco or your faucet.

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